We’re Back-ish

So, it just occurred to me that this week marks three years since I began kicking out the jams right here on Popular Opinions. Of course, the first thing I thought of was earlier this year when Big Boi was given an award commemorating 20 years of Outkast. I love ‘Kast as much as you do, but to give someone a commemorative 20 year award when they’ve been inactive for half of that struck me a bit dubious. Likewise, it’s the same semi-shame I feel whenever Popular Opinions comes up in conversations with others who quickly ask “But you don’t write for that anymore, right?” And while my immediate reaction is to say “NO, HOW DARE YOU?!” I think to myself and realize, they’re kinda right.

Outside the year-end awards last January, this place has been pretty empty. There’s a reason for that as I’m now a full-time writer for a few places, all of which really wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for this site.

So, as we at Popular Opinions enter our FOURTH year, this site’s going to be back on the block. It’s going to be the one-stop shop where you can find my links to my reviews, interviews, and pieces from around the world (wide web) as well as all the personal works I really can’t get money for find an appropriate avenue to put anywhere else.

Thanks for reading my stuff, everybody.

So, always and forever, let’s agree to agree.

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