The Top Rap Songs of 2011 Thus Far…(that aren’t on ‘Watch The Throne’)

So there I was, sitting at Red Lobster with my earbuds and my picture of ‘Just Say’ Julie Brown. A waitress approached, and after I told her I would like to order the Fisherman’s Platter, she rolled her eyes and said “Sir, you disgust me.” Taken aback, I asked “Why? Is it because eating the Fisherman’s Platter would put more sodium in my body than if I had drown to death in the same salty waters that the seafood in question were poached from?” “No,” she replied, “it’s because it’s been over two months and you haven’t updated ‘Popular Opinions with Chaz Kangas’ without so much as a note that you were taking the summer off!” I knew in my heart of hearts, she was right. Thus, I got up from the table, took the 6 train home and…


So here we are, two months later. For those of you joining us for the first time, I’m your party host Chaz Kangas. I write for the New York Times, Complex, Spectrum Culture, SYFFAL, Funny or Die and am something of an indierap semi-star. You may have heard of my NEW FREE album A PERSONAL REFERENCE that features appearances from MAC LETHAL, ALASKA of HANGAR 18, STONES THROW’s HOMEBOY SANDMAN, COCO DAME and J57 of the BROWN BAG ALLSTARS, entirely produced by GOOD GOOSE of MENYA. That album is UP FOR FREE DOWNLOAD by visiting or clicking HERE.

The aforementioned album, available for FREE DOWNLOAD by clicking the link in the preceding sentence, has been pretty successful, thanks in no small part to continued attentive support from viewers like you. So, to express my gratitude, I’ve assembled this collection of the year’s BEST RAP MUSIC so far. Now, there are a few rules considering how we do compilations here, and they are as followed.

All God's critters got a place in the choir AND in the paint!


1) All are songs that have been officially released between January 1st 1011 and July 15th 2011.

2) Only ONE SONG PER ARTIST, which explains the lack of “Yonkers.”

3) Only RAP MUSIC is featured. The sole exception is Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” because it’s undeniable.

So you can get it for FREE by DOWNLOADING HERE –

(EDIT: Link removed by vague request)

As you can see, I listen to Rap music from all over the great American Hip-Hop landscape. There’s so much great stuff happening all over, and the diversity in this collection is a testament to that. Even if you aren’t a fan of one or two artists on this tracklisting, rest assured the majority of the tracks will sound completely different. Who knows, you might like a song from an artist you never thought you would. So without any further Depardu, here’s what’s on tap!


1 ) Max B. – “Model of Entropy (f/ Young Riot)”

2 ) Pimp C. – “Watch the Reaction (f/ Lil Keke & Killa Kyleon)

3 ) Killer Mike – “Ric Flair”

4 ) DJ Quik – “Flow For Sale (f/ Kurupt)”

5 ) YC the Cynic – “More and More (f/ Soul Khan, Von Pea & Sene)

6 ) E40 – “Drugs (f/ B-Legit)”

7 ) Atmosphere – “She’s Enough”

8 ) Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – “Huzzah!”

9 ) Nyle – “Dyno-Dog”

10 ) Gorilla Warfare Tactics – “Rewind Rhyme”

11 ) Action Bronson – “Amuse Bouche”

12 ) Frank Ocean – “Novacane”

13 ) Mac Lethal – “Citrus”

14 ) Pusha T – “Trouble On My Mind (f/ Tyler, The Creator)”

15 ) Tedy – “The Bi Polar Rapper”

16 ) Grieves – “Bloody Poetry”

17 ) Good Hair (NezBeat & Joe Good) – “Goody Goody”

18 ) 151 Feva Gang – “Kush Groove”

19 ) Beastie Boys – “The Larry Routine”

20 ) Hail Mary Mallon – “Breakdance Beach”

21 ) Waka Flocka Flame – “Stereo Type”

22 ) Jesse Abraham – “Always and Forever (f/ Homeboy Sandman)”

23 ) Lil B – “1 Time”

24 ) Doomstarks (MF Doom & Ghostface Killah) – “Victory Laps (Madvillain Remix)”

So there you go. I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I liked putting it together. Of course, as soon as I finished it we saw the release of the Step Brothers mixtape, Dollar Coffee’s ‘Nice Things,’ ‘Watch the Throne’ and a grip more solid releases, so consider this collection a quick catch-up as the rest of 2011 finishes strong!

Like this or something.

So until next time… let’s agree to agree!

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