Cheat Mall: The Best of Mac Lethal (2007)

Mac Lethal, eating BBQ, gaining superhuman powers.

This week marks the release of Kansas City-rapper Mac Lethal’s Love Potion No. 6: Keep It Irish. I’ve always enjoyed Mac Lethal’s work, and his output seems to keep getting better with age. With subject matter and styles all over the map, chances are if you’ve only heard one of his songs, you really don’t have an idea of who he is as an artist or what he’s capable of. That in mind, I’m uploading Cheat Mall: The Best of Mac Lethal, a compilation I made back in 2007 to coincide with the release of his Rhymesayers album 11:11. It spans his career up-until that point, mixing the best most-known songs with forgotten hard-to-find gems.


Irish Sunshine


1) Mean Jab
2) Calm Down Baby
3) Change the Drawls
4) Cyborg Love
5) Walkin’ On Nails
6) Smart Dumb Person
7) There’s Been a Murder
8 ) Would John Madden Have Crashed His Bus Into The World Trade Center If He Plotted 9/11?
9 ) Shotgun
10 ) Miss Anne Thrope
11 ) My Mom Izza Thug
12 ) Mallory Knox
13 ) A Slow Down Ghandi Shame f / Sage Francis
14 ) Rapz of Death f / Xaul Zan
15 ) The Women of Scribble Jam f / Murs
16 ) Mermaid Pornography
17 ) Know it All
18 ) Take Me in My Sleep
19 ) Ashes to Ashley f/ Sadistik


So until next time…let’s agree to agree!

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2 Comments on “Cheat Mall: The Best of Mac Lethal (2007)”

  1. Syntax Says:

    10 is my favorite… I agree with most of this…

  2. Mac Lethal Says:

    thanks son, holla if you need some more. lets get a cheat mall track crackin’

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