7 Comments on “Predators – Movie Review”

  1. Donovan Kasp Says:

    Totally agree. Although weren’t there 4 in total in the movie? There was one hanging on the totem. Brody’s voice was quite annoying in this flick. Then they felt the need to magically remove his shirt for the final battle scene. I guess because everyone sees him as a 140lb body bag for most of his career and they needed to prove he’s been working out.

    • Chaz Says:

      There were 4 if you count the “super predator,’ which I’ve since seen referred to elsewhere as “super black predator” which I don’t recognize as a predator.

  2. Reggie Says:

    the title should have been “3 Predators and a Brody”

  3. cinestina barnburner Says:

    “Thank you, Robert Rodriguez for turning the predator planet into a house of lies.”

    i seriously laughed out loud with that one! thanks chaz.

  4. x-cinema Says:

    this Movie it’s a great, i love it, i think you can give a download link

  5. Brian Says:

    Didn’t they name the show To Catch A Predator to catch ICE CUBE.

    “Mister, mister, before you make me go
    I’m here to let you know your little girl is a hoe
    Nympho, nympho, boy is she bad
    Get her all alone and out comes the kneepads
    I know she is a minor and it is illegal
    but the bitch is worse than Vanessa Del Rio
    And if you de-cide to call rape
    we got the little hooker on tape”

    One of ICE CUBES songs.

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